Teak outdoor furniture care and maintenance

Teak Outdoor Furniture – If you have been thinking about purchasing outdoor garden furniture, teak outdoor furniture is one of the best investments you could possibly make. Aside from having an unsurpassed natural beauty that will provide a natural enhancement to your outdoor garden environment, teak hardwood has several other advantages over softwoods and plastic based products. Durability is perhaps the most important of these because outdoor furniture is going to be subject to natural weathering as a result of temperature fluctuations, rain and snow for example.

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Best treatment for teak outdoor furniture

Durability of Teak Hardwood
Teak outdoor furniture made from teak hardwood has special natural properties that add up to natural durability. These are the high levels of resin and oil that are present in teak hardwood. It also has high pressure resistance as well as rigidity. Essentially, this means that teak outdoor furniture will not rot or lose its shape. You can leave it outdoors all year long regardless of the weather and the furniture will not be affected. Coating it with harmful chemicals for protection is not necessary either because teak hardwood has the ability to naturally resist weather elements.


Best way to protect teak outdoor furniture

This is an important aspect of outdoor furniture because you naturally want it to remain looking good as the years pass. Unlike other furniture materials, teak hardwood outdoor furniture requires very little in the way of maintenance, yet can be brought back to looking as good as the day you bought it. Over time, the natural red-brown patina of the wood will change to a silver-gray and you might also find a few scratches from natural wear and tear.


A light sanding with a fine grade sand paper will remove these things and when followed up with a coating of teak oil or aquastop, will look as good as new. Of course if you like the silvery-gray patina, you won’t need to restore the original patina. This means that your teak outdoor furniture can remain in as new condition for a lifetime with little effort.

Affordable teak outdoor furniture

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In addition to looking good, teak outdoor furniture will save you a lot of money over time because you only need to purchase it once rather than needing to replace it every few years. The cost of replacing outdoor furniture can soon add up to a lot of money whereas investing in teak outdoor furniture is a one off cost and you have beautiful furniture for a lifetime.You can find best outdoor teak furniture from teak outdoor furniture manufacturer in Indonesia because they have high quality of teak wood.

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